Kristi Sanford - UCB

“For the first time ever, we can come together as peers and write an industry-wide definition of operational excellence at Strategic Operational Excellence in Life Sciences.”

Kristi Sanford, Head of Internal Operations, UCB

Thomas Decker - CSL Behring

“As operational excellence is still fighting for that seat at the table, Strategic Operational Excellence in Life Sciences offers us the first-ever opportunity to get together and reframe the critical work we do as a competitive advantage and strategic necessity.”

Thomas Decker, Global Leader, Strategic Integration & Innovation, CSL Behring


Mustafa Abdulali - Foundation Medicine

“I’m excited to take part in Strategic Operational Excellence in Life Sciences to understand how my peers are strategically aligning excellence with company objectives and elevating the function from the tactical to the strategic.”

Mustafa Abdulali, Head of Operational Excellence, Foundation Medicine

Sanjay Choubey

“What sets Strategic Operational Excellence in Life Sciences apart from the rest is its focus on pushing the needle on strategic, enterprise-level operational excellence transformation, not small-scale tactical interventions you see elsewhere.”

Sanjay Choubey, Vice President, Head of IT, Digital & Process Excellence, North America, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Alice Chang - Kite Pharma

“I can’t wait to engage in Strategic Operational Excellence in Life Sciences! At Kite, we’re so passionate about achieving operational excellence in everything that we do, and I can’t wait to be a part of a community who shares that goal!”

Alice Chang, Head of Cell Therapy Research, Kite Pharma Operations, Kite Pharma

Anahita Guarino - Daiichi Sankyo

“As an industry, we continue to operate in a very disjointed, haphazard and isolated way, but Strategic Operational Excellence in Life Sciences looks set to provide a truly unique and open platform for those operations leaders facing the exact same challenges I do.”

Anahita Guarino, Executive Director, Operational Excellence, Global Medical Affairs Oncology, Daiichi Sankyo