Nurture an Enterprise-Wide Culture of Process Innovation From Scientific Discovery to Commercial Delivery to Recast Operational Excellence as a Competitive Advantage

* The 2021 event has now run. Thank you to those who attended.

More information about the 2022 event will be released soon. *

Strategic Operational Excellence in Life Sciences is a brand new forum, designed for and by strategic operations and operational excellence leaders in the Life Sciences, with a vision to create a holistic, enterprise-wide dialogue around business excellence innovation, to ultimately redefine operational excellence as competitive advantage for the modern scientific organization.

It will shine a light on the boldest operational excellence leaders from the most admired biopharma and medical devices businesses, sharing their stories of process excellence innovation, nurturing cultures of continuous improvement and re-examining supply chain operations during and beyond Covid-19.

2021 Conference Speakers Included:

Ines Dahne-Steuber

Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence

Fresenius Medical Care

Kristi Sanford

Head of Operational Excellence & Strategic Planning


Theresa Friend

Head of Global Quality Operational Excellence


Ashu Chohan

Head of Supply Chain Operations


Alice Chang

Vice President, CMC Product Life Cycle Management

Kite Pharma

Not Your Traditional Conference

Strategic Operational Excellence in Life Sciences isn’t just unique in helping operations leaders move from the tactical to the strategic; it’s also unique in that it rips up the rulebook of traditional conferences.

We believe the traditional conference format is no longer fit for purpose, so we started from scratch. When you look at the event agenda, you will see three main types of session:




Hear from the most forward-thinking operations leaders in life sciences, sharing the stories of what they’re doing to elevate operational excellence

Work with your team in this dedicated networking time, designed to help you share experiences with peers, ask questions and expand your network

Have your burning questions answered in a room full of your peers and move beyond the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ to get to the ‘how’.

2021 Conference Highlights Included:


Develop a roadmap for life sciences excellence: Build your own roadmap for empowering excellence, using Sanofi R&D lifecycles as a case study


Build the business case for operational excellence: Create the narrative for positive change with UCB to engage leadership and challenge traditional thinking

Millipore Sigma

Leverage operational excellence as a competitive advantage: Hear how MilliporeSigma is funding M&A through its pipeline of operational excellence savings


Transform commercial operations: Map your customer experience value chain, from ideation to commercialization
with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories


Nurture a data-led culture of insight: Hear how operations is taking the lead on driving a culture of facts over emotions at argenx


Enable customer operational readiness: Hear how Roche has shortened average customer implementation time by 27%


Embed process intelligence into decision-making: Uncover with CSL Behring how real-time data from behaviors and processes can revolutionize process innovation


Take your seat at the table: Discover how Bristol Myers Squibb is realizing the potential of operations as a strategic partner and enabler of innovation